• Michael Kove

    What good are 5,000 unique visitors ...

    from Bangladesh

    IF you are a dentist from Cincinnati, OH??

    Yep, guys at Google thought so too.

If you want more conversions from your website, let me help you!


Consultation is ideal for fine-tuning marketing efforts. It closes overlooked gaps and helps business avoid common mistakes.


Website Design

Website is a necessary tool for any modern business. User friendly website can help a business reach potential customers.


Internet Marketing

Internet marketing includes many aspects such as branding, social media engagement, advertising, PR, content creation and so on.


About Michael

Michael Kove Website and Marketing Consultant

I have been creating web applications for over 12 years, business consulting for 6 and resource management for past 5. I love learning about new technologies and working with innoviative ideas.

I keep my services simple, prices affordable and work transparent. I believe that overcomplicating things lead only to confusion and inability to act. Additionally, everything I (and my teammates) do is visible to a client. We do not employ shady "secret methods" or questionable "proven tecniques" that we hide behind the curtain. Nope! The secret is knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it and doing it effectively. No hidden trade secrets - just experience!

I practice business minimalism by removing inflated overhead: large office, luxury company car, expensive hype-marketing, idle overpaid eployees, "office perks" and long wasteful meetings. I focus on quality delivered on time. My team works in-sync while each member exist autonomously. Such methods are practiced by many succesful Silicon Valley start-ups.


  • 12 Years of web development experience
  • 6 Years SEO/SEM consulting
  • "White hat" methods
  • 100% Transparency
  • Track record of happy clients
  • Lean Model principles
  • Removing unecessary overhead spending
  • Team management & recruitment experience
  • No Clutter!
This is why my service is affordable, clients stay happy and team remains loyal.
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