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Hi, my name is Michael Kovalchuk
I help craft digital agencies with technical overflow.

I am a Full Stack Backend Developer with over 12 years of experience. If you or your client is considering building a custom web application, I can help you achieve that.

We worked with Michael on several projects and the work was always excellent quality. Clear expectations and delivered on promised time tables. I highly recommend.

I work with web development and marketing agencies

Hi, my name is Michael. I am a professional web application developer. I have over 12 years in the industry. I specialize in developing custom web applications, CRM, ERP and SaaS Products.

So, what I can do for you:

As a consultant I can help you:

  • picking the right tech stack for SaaS/CRM
  • estimating your project costs
  • creating technical specifications & scope of work

As a developer I can help you:

  • develop your application
  • setup environment for your project
  • manage your project
  • assemble necessary team

My typical clients provide services for the following industries: fashion & clothes, gambling, betting, fantasy sports, entertainment, event management, medicinal marijuana/CBD, adult entertainment, real-estate and commercial realty.


Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM)

Perfect solution for companies with complicated sales cycle and specialized customer services. Ideally integrates with Data Reporting & Analytics for customized Long Term Value (LTV) views per customer, channel or sales process. Often, several data APIs and some legacy vendor data are required to be integrated with such CRM.

Inventory Management & ERP

If an organization works with multiple supplier, or some vendors are not supported by existing ERP products, this could be an ideal route. ERP could become an extension of an existing CRM (whether custom built or ready-to-use product). Many clients opt-in for Inventory System that perfect match their supply chain process.

Software As a Service

Businesses that offer Software As a Service to their customers, in most cases, build their platforms from ground up. Such systems are written from scratch and tailored to the specific business model of organization. Modular approach allows an organization to expend services as business grows.

Data Reporting & Analytics

Without measuring data and reports, business is navigating blind. Whether an organization needs a custom reporting tool blending multiple data sources, or an extension of an existing CRM/ERP, an analytics and reporting would be an absolute necessity for measuring right KPIs.

Vendor API Integration

It is unrealistic to expect that existing CRM or ERP product would integrate with all vendors. Often companies run into a legacy vendor data that does not support "play well" with existing CRM or ERP. Not every manufacturer or data provider can create a plugin or module for an existing platform. That's where custom API integration is needed.


Front End
Back End
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Development
  • API-based Development
  • PSR-4 Standard
  • Agile Development & SCRUM
Consulting & Project Management
  • Project Development Strategy & Architecture
  • Scope Of Work Creation
  • Team Recruitment & Management
  • Infrastructure Recommendation

Recent Projects

Premier Sports Pools | SaaS Project

Fantasy Pool Hosting Service

Challenge: Client wanted a sports pool (fantasy) hosting services. Unique feature would be ability to track pool results in real-time as game is happening. Currently, no other pool hosting services offered such feature.

Solution: I built Premier Sports Pools (PSP) hosting services (SaaS). To achieve real-time data, PSP utilized different APIs to download event data in real time for NBA, NCAA football & basketball games, as well as golf. Users can host several types of pools: a squares pool, golf points pool, NFL or college football squares. System was built with comprehensive administration. Additionally, users can pay via credit card, manage their players, invite friends, commission custom pools and watch scoring in real time.

Technology Stack: Laravel, Vue.js, AWS (VPS), Bootstrap, jQuery, REDIS, MySQL

Venettini Inventory | ERP Project

Internal Inventory Management System
Venettini App

Challenge: Venettini Inc - children's shoes brand, receives containers with inventory from various supplier. Those suppliers use legacy documents (plain CSV) for packing slip. Additionally, received inventory needs to be re-verified upon arrival and matched to pre-order from retail clients (often manually entered). Once inventory is scanned in and organized, sales team needs to have an up-to-date inventory in Handshake app for in-field sales. Additionally, eCommerce website also needs to have real time inventory update.

Having many different data sources to organize and update, which previously was done manually. As result, errors were common.

Solution:Due to many custom elements, we proposed custom solution. I and my team created custom ERP system to address this problem. We built a (C#) desktop application to scan & verify inventory into the system; internal process matched packing lists to appropriate retail customer. A full inventory management solution now allowed Venettini to process shipments faster, have up-to-date synced inventory and reduce human errors and labor overhead.

Technology Stack: Laravel, C#, Bootstrap, jQuery, MySQL

Acemarks | CRM & e-Commerce Project

Backer Management System
Acemarks App

Challenge: Client, Ace Marks Shoes, needed to manage their Kickstarter backers (over 4000 pre-orders). During Kickstarter campaign, backers do not get to pick their final products. They can only pledge. The pledge information needed to be uploaded into a system, that must allow returning Backers to select from over 300 products. In the process, system needs to upsell and cross-sell additional products (from other shoe collections). Backers should have ability to pay (or upgrade their pledge level) via PayPal or Credit Card (Stripe). They should be able to view & track their orders. After items were shipped, an ability to return & exchange products for users must be implemented. For administrators, full management of backers, products, exchanges, billing and reporting. Several third party APIs needed to be integrated.

Solution: I created a custom CRM/eCommerce platform to input Kickstarter data, add products, organize customer flow into funnel of several steps: 1) Upgrade pledge, 2) pick products, 3) add additional products, 4) cross sell other items, suggest an upsell from accessories, give them discount based on pledge amount and 5) process payment (if necessary). For administartor, a comprehensive user management was created. I added exchange/return functionality so users can self-serve their own exchanges & track shipments. User communication (order updates) was also implemented.

Technology Stack: Laravel, Bootstrap, AWS, jQuery, MySQL


Other Projects
  • A&E Aero - corporate website Stack: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Hughes Agency - corporate website in Craft CMS 2 Stack: Craft CMS, Bootstrap
  • Unity Park Greenville, SC - Park & Rec Craft CMS 2 Stack: Craft CMS, Bootstrap
  • Acemarks - Misc. front & backend extensions on Magento Stack: Magento, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery
  • Score Vodka - Website & marketing integration Stack: HTML5/CSS3/jQuery, Social Media APIs
  • AtNight Nightlife - Marketing System for Clubs & Venues in Miami Stack: Code Igniter, HTML5/CSS3/jQuery

Testimonials & Recommendations

Ace Marks, LLC
Julian Gonzalez

We worked with Michael on several projects and the work was always excellent quality. Clear expectations and delivered on promised time tables. I highly recommend.

AtNight Media, LLC
Rok Nemet

I have worked with Michael over numerous years on both minor and big projects. Michael’s flexibility and knowledge across domain logic made him indispensable part of the team while his personality allowed him to connect to people throughout the company hierarchy.

Povidom Video Production
Eugene Serg

Michael has worked for me on developing and growing my business Povidom Group. He posses technical and strategic qualifications, not only as a developer but also as a business consultant.

Score Vodka & Distribution
Art Mel

Michael was essential part of our team. He lead the development and management of our technical assets, sales systems and marketing integration. I would happily hire Michael and his team for my future ventures.


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