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One of my recent project was TourBeat.com. It was designed from scratch and built from the ground up singlehandedly by me and marketing done as a joint effort between my partner and I.

Website displays music performers’ tour information and bios with a brief discography. Primary function of the website is to sell concert tickets for that performer. It’s an affiliate ticket-broker website with TicketNetwork being ticket provider.


  • Laravel 4
  • MySQL
  • MonogoDB
  • 7 APIs
  • CSS3 on HTML5 - Responsive Design
  • jQuery

TourBeat Technology

Laravel 4 Framework used. Server is Nginx/PHP-FPM with SSL on EC2 Medium Instance running RedHat Databases are RDS MySQL and MongoDB running on Medium EC2 with provisioned IOPS. Frontend is custom modified template on Bootstrap 3 with jQuery library.

Project Uniqueness

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Combination of different content providers work together to create natural content to differentiate TourBeat from other ticket-resale websites. Nightly feeds gather information from TicketNetwork, Last.fm, MusicBrainz, SetList.fm, Google and YouTube. A specially design algorithm creates a human-like written content for each page with the uniqueness index of 70-80%. The spinning logic is partially demonstrated in This Simple Text Spinner

TourBeat features user registration and paid memberships. The paid members can buy tickets without paying broker’s fee. Registered users can track their favorite artists and receive notification when there is a concert near them.

TourBeat has comprehensive backend with various content administration tools, user management, newsletter capability, and blog administration.


TourBeat Code

TourBeat was heavily promoted via Social Media, articles, major publications, Press Releases, limited paid advertisement via AdWords. Majority of traffic comes from organic rankings. We have utilized services from Zemanta.com to gain initial momentum. Currently we are awaiting to receive second round of funding to bring TourBeat back to full marketing.


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