In order to keep our pricing affordable we removed unneeded overhead. You will not be paying for our downtown office, transportation and expensive marketing to give you unrealistic promises. I and my team practice "Lean Operation", which means we eliminate all the distractions and focus on quality of work. Our developers, copywriters, consultants and other staff work out of their own homes thus keeping rates affordable.

  • Internet Marketing

  • Web Development

  • Marketing Consultation

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is a very broad term. It includes many different concepts like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), social media presence, content c+reation, Advertising, virtual public relations,

Initial Setup



Market Leader

Cost $750/month $1,500/month $4,000+/month
Sign 3 month contract, get 35% OFF
35% off with 6 month contract
Logo Design
Banner Ads
One set of ad banners in various sizes
1 Set 3 Sets Custom
Appropriate hosting for the right demand.
All Plan include Basic Shared Hosting. For complex and high-demand sites, hosting costs are added.
Mobile Friendly Design
Keyphrases/Keywords Research
Keyphrases or keywords analysis. We can pick keywords for you or your can request certain keywords to be used
10 50 Custom
Website Content Optimization
Content is either written or rewritten with SEO in mind to have proper keyword density.
robots.txt and sitemap.xml submission
Robots.txt prevents search engines from indexing certain pages or entire site. Sitemap helps search engines to properly index your website. Both must be submitted.
Social Media Profiles Setup
In Agressive or Leader plans you can pick and choose which profiles you want created.
3 5 20
Local Business Listing Submission
Essential for brick and mortar businesses or businesses with a physical address.
2 5 20
Analytics tool with conversion tracking
Services such as Google Analytics for visitors tracking. Agressive and Leader Packages also include social media analytics and CrazyEgg.
Marketing Project Plan
Once everything is setup and keywords are researched, I will provide you with Marketing Plan and my personal recommendations
Basic Detailed Comprehensive
Press Release
Press Release notifies news publisher about your business or services.
10 50 100
Keyword Competition Report
What keywords are your competitors are ranking for and how to replace their position in search engines.
Page Content Review
Often clients provide their own content. My team will optimize it for better rankings.
5 pages reviewed custom

Monthly Items



Market Leader

Cost $750/month $1,500/month $4,000+/month
Articles/Blog Post
Service includes topic research, information preparation and publication on your website.
2 5 Custom
Social Bookmarking
Social bookmarking is sharing your interesting content with various communities. First, it creates a back link, second, it creates more exposure.
2 5 Custom
Social Media
My social media experts find interesting content and post it via your pages/accounts. It's a healthy mix of value and self-promotion.
40 80 Engaging
Contentual Backlinking
We ensure that links come from blogs/portals/sites related to your industry. All links are follow.
3 5 10
Reviews We encourage your users to write reviews for your business. 1-2 3-5 5-10
Authority Outreach
While high page rank links are great, they often do not come cheap. We work with content publishers to get those links for your website. Often it comes down to knowing someone who writes for someone important.
High PR Backlinkings
Similarly as with "Authority Outreach" we work with various publishers and journalists to earn those links. It's normal if those links come as a part of larger article.
Subscriber Acquiition
Subscription list is important, especially if subscribers are your potential customers. We only run permission-based lists. No spam!
Custom Landing Pages
Ideal for paid ads, new product launches, or lead generations.
Viral Content Creation
Only for selected customers we engage some of our best creative talents for this content.
We report to our clients on monthly basis. However, customers have access to other third party reporting tools we use.
Monthly Monthly Monthly
Billing Increments
I charge my clients quarterly because, it takes about 3 months on average to see results. We accept major credit cards, PayPal, checks.
Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Monthly Cost $750 $1,500 $5,000+

Website development can be a pretty complicated project. While most businesses do not need coplex websites, some require very careful approach and planning. Most of my projects are custom quoted, but to give my client an idea what a website would cost, I separated simple sites from custom sites.

  • CMS Setup

  • $750

    WordPress, Magento, or Other CMS

  • Setup & Configuration
  • Theme Configuration
  • Sample Content
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Logo Design
  • 3 Revisions
  • Custom Website

  • $1000

    With Backend Content Management

  • 5 Pages
  • Mobile-friendly
  • SEO Optimized
  • Contact Page
  • Deisgn Included
  • 3 Revisions
  • eCommerce/Enterprise


    Website, mobile app, extensions

  • Extension for a framework
  • Custom plugin
  • Backend Dashboard
  • Custom Design
  • Full Support
  • Ongoing Maintenance

Consultation Services & Per-Need Advising

I provide personal consultation to businesses of various size. Whether you're starting an eCommerce store, need initial social media marketing, or want me to train your staff, I can help you. In order to best assist you with services needed and provide the best rate for you, I first must talk to you.

My consultation is result-oriented. What does it mean? Unlike most consulting agencies, I do not just give advice. I implement it either myself or via your team. This is especially vital for Internet Marketing. I cannot teach you or your team everything I know. It would require a very long training, but I can help them implement some of the methodology I know. I can help correct mistakes and fine tune future implementations.

When it comes to technology, I can not only recommend the best infrastructure, but also set it up and configure it for you. Additionally, I will train you and/or your team how to address any technical issues they might have.

Areas Of Expertise

  • Technical Training
  • Development
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Social Media Engagement
  • UX/UI Feedback
  • Content Creation
  • More!