About Michael Kove: or three reasons why he will not help you.

Hey, I am Michael,

I find it funny how most “about me” sections are written in third person, even though the owner writes them.

After writing this in third person to sound like an official public figure, Michael realized that nobody would write about him better than he would about himself. So instead he thought, “why not just address my visitors directly? After all, we are in this together!”.

So here, we go.

Inn many ways, I am just like you. We are collectively, all business owners, trying to make a living on the Internet. While you have your special knowledge, I have mine and I am here to share it with you.

So what would you want to know about me?

I am happily married, my wife’s name is Lena, we have two boys, three cats, hamster “Shurshik” and handful of fishes. I love walks on the beach and steak cooked medium.

Rolling your eyes by now, thinking, how is this relevant?

And you’re right. It is not. What you’re really asking is:

“So you got my attention, and I want to know what can you do for me or is this a waste of time?!”

For most visitors it is.

Here is why,


For some reason, people think that “marketing” is the ultimate fix for a crappy product. If your product isn’t worth the penny spent making it no amount of marketing will help you sell. Trying to sell it would be lying to your customer. (Which some people think it’s “copy writing” or “marketing”,…. well it ain’t that. It’s a damn lie.)

I cannot help you sell what doesn’t help your customers or doesn’t solve a problem. If your product does not deliver value, it’s down right impossible to sell. Period. It takes good product with inherent value to make money.

This is not a disclaimer, I am not required to say this, and it’s not illegal for me to help you. I don’t want to pollute Internet with more garbage.


I do not believe that there is such thing as “free lunch”. I do believe there are products with good value for lesser price than they are worth, but that’s up to sellers discretion. If you heard about “free traffic secrets” or some outrageous claims (made by some “gurus”) how they spent $1 and made two million… show me proof and I’ll eat my words.

The system is smart. People, a lot smarter than most of us, work for those systems (yes, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) They are on top of your “black hat” magic. Even if it DID work for free (I don’t doubt some methods do), what are the chances it will not backfire tomorrow? Ending up in Google-ban. You’ll spend a lot of money fixing your business.

Most importantly, I expect you to be in this for a long run. Even if you’re just testing the market, you’re still should be looking for a long term success. Not pump-and-dump venture.

Expect to spend some money. Expect to have budget allocated for marketing.

Oh, and no training product should ever be the most expensive part on your budget. If it is, you’ve got the wrong product (or training guy for that matter).


My products are amazing. My free material is valuable. I’ve got track record of successful businesses behind my shoulders. I despise fluff, crap and garbage most “coaches” and “training gurus” push. If you’re here for a short-term reward, you’re not going to like what comes next: a big disappointment.

Expect my advice to work, but give it a week. At least a week, while I recommend to test for at least one month. Why? Because, market is dense, competition is tough and algorithms don’t pick up on updates so quick.

Why? Because, you’ll be trying to cheat me out of my time, money and energy same way you’re doing it to your customers. But if you’ve read this far, this most likely does not apply to you.

Not any of the above, awesome!






System and tactics to increase your conversions that you can use immediately, for free… and
Me selling you stuff

“Did you just tell me, you’ll sell me stuff?”

Amazing! Right? As if we both aren’t in business of selling stuff. IF you believe in your product that your store sells (see #3 above), then I not only believe in my product, I live by it. We both sell goods to customers.

I believe in being forward about benefits and costs. Partially the reason I started this business to give you something most marketing professionals withheld. but more on that later.

My free stuff is packed practical advice. But my commercial products are packed with knowledge and practical guidance (step-by-step, take your hand and walk together kind of stuff).

I want you to say, “Wow, the free content is not only awesome, it helped me solve many of my current issues, I just can’t wait to see what’s inside the paid stuff!”

Look, I am going to be blunt with you: the only way I can sell anything to anyone is by helping them first. F**kin’ novel idea, isn’t it? I want you to make more money. I want you to grow your business, because, not only I get a loyal fan, I’ll get the loyal customer who will tell his friends about me.

I am not hiding my sales or marketing methods from you.

And finally, if you cannot afford my stuff, I guarantee you: they will not help you at all. In fact, I will gladly return your money within 14 days of your purchase IF that’s your last money you’ve spent. Keep the product. And if you happen to use it and make a lot of money, it’s on your conscious to be fair and honest.



I know I did. When I first started in marketing, back in 2005, I’ve purchased a DVD set for $399. Before clicking “Buy now” button, I probably scouted every single marketing forum and review portal to find what people were saying about the author.

Zillion of other “internet marketing gurus” compete for your dollars. I will opt-out of this lose-lose game. The only way I can win your trust and loyalty is by giving you something first.

So, try my free stuff. They will be extremely effective. If you like that, I’ll invite you to some of my webinar and members only content. Which is also FREE!

And finally, every now and then I will offer you products that could take your eCommerce store to a whole new level.

My offers are rarely open to public and most of my products aren’t listed for sale. As token of appreciation of loyalty, I will offer specials and discounts to my current clients for my upcoming offers. Once sale period is over, it is over for good.

Probably, here, I should brag about my success a little bit. I should tell you how I have consulted over 130 big clients in past 12 years who reached results beyond their expectations. Like,

It would be unfair to say, I was single-handedly the reason for those numbers, because, i have had help. I have had help from a generous business owners that were willing to invest in growing their business. I have had help with cooperative teams of employees, managers and consultants that worked together to help improve the company they worked for.

So am I bragging or showing that it’s possible for your business to reach a higher potential?


My main focus is getting the right customers to you. See, today, we are bombarded with advertising so much that not only we developed ad-blindness, we developed ad-aversion techniques. We block ads mentally and literally (with adblocking softwares). The days of “advertise, reach, profit” are over.

I created Dynamic Outreach System, which is another way of saying, reach the right customers with the right product by showing them relevant message. There is a lot of automation involved in this process (otherwise, you’d go insane doing it manually).

In my opinion, reaching the right audience is that “magic pill” that works.

Another thing you’ll quickly learn is I focus on consumer psychology, or a fancy way of answering this simple question: “what makes people buy [your stuff]?”

The way we’ll implement both is by making adjustment to your marketing plan and by altering the way you present your products to your visitors.