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When it comes to website development,

All You Need:


Whether modifying template or creating a unique design from scratch, you want a website that is ideal representation of your business. Your visitors can see clearly what you do and how to reach you.


Implementation of the design. In this step, your ideas come to life and you get to see how end product will function. A great deal of experience and expertise required to put concepts into code.


My relationship with you doesn't end when the website goes live. You want to have piece of mind and assurance that if anything goes wrong or if you need something updated - there is someone there for you./

Websites that are:

Conversion Optimized

#1 Priority is to get your business leads. My websites are designed with lead generation in mind, so you can turn visitors into leads.

SEO Optimized

On-Site Search Engine Optimization is important. Properly structured website will increase your page ranking even without active SEO campaign.


Your website needs to be secured and protected from malicious attacks. With properly coded website you have a piece of mind your data and reputation is safe.


My team and I believe that a business owner is overwhelmed as is to tinker with their own websites. I offer comprehensive and inclusive maintenance plans so you can focus on your business.


You want to have a website that doesn’t look like every other website in your industry. Website must represent your business in a way it instills credibility and trust to your potential customers.


Statsta data suggest that users are too impatient to wait over 4 seconds for page to load. In modern day and age, website speed should never be a concern, yet for many companies slow websites kill a lot of potential business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Owners typically ask me.

Have you done website for _____ industry?

Having 12+ years of professional web development behind me, I or someone on my team probably has. Furthermore, while each industry is nuanced, most small/local business websites follow similar structure and lead generation process.

Who creates content?

I have copywriter on my team that provides essential content for your website. However, some of my clients prefer to use existing content or content they write themselves. I provide you with SEO-relevant recommendation if you chose to go this route. Some essential images are included, but premium images can be included in the quote.

Please note that: article writing (blogging), social media posts,  and content pieces over 1500 words are separate services.

I have WordPress, Magento (other CMS), do you work with it?

Yes, CMS plugin development or customization is done on per-hour basis. While we think those systems are great, we rarely use them for clients’ website. 

Do you build website from scratch or just install WordPress?

While WordPress is great CMS and has a lot of potential with plugins, it’s also a huge overkill for many small/local businesses. Additionally, third party plugins carry security liabilities that we cannot control or foresee.  Most of my clients are non-technical business owners that do not have time to tinker with WordPress. For this reason I offer maintenance packages that relief client from doing work themselves. 

Where will be my website hosted?

I configure hosting solution for most of my client. Some prefer certain hosting providers. I provide my recommendation based on technology needs and traffic demand. At the end of the day, you own your website and have full access to it via hosting.

What is your process? What's the next step?

Some agencies tend to over-complicate a simple process. My goal is to get to know your needs, set measurable outcomes, provide final estimate and once approved – get on with the work. 

How many people get to work on my website?

Not sure why some clients ask this question, but typically, 2-3 of my teammates will touch your website: designer, web developer (often me) and copywriter. 

I just need this little thing added, can you do it?

Absolutely. Feature development are billed hourly with minimum of 2 hours. I try to give you estimated range for features that are over 5 hours in work.

How long does it take to build a website?

Obviously it depends on the size of your project. While technical work might be anywhere from 40 to 150 hours, the time it takes to get information from you, waits for approvals, holds for reviews can add weeks to the end date. My objective is to give you results in fastest way possible without sacrificing quality end product.

How much will website cost?

This question has been asked often enough it got it’s own section: Rates & Prices. Based on my experience and history, most basic websites are in range from $3000 – $5000 and average website for a local business is $4500. Fully custom designs start at $6500.

Previous Clients Say

It is a great pleasure working with Michael. He built us a comprehensive inventory management system for our Kickstarter project. We still use Michael for many of our internal projects.
Paul Farago
Owner of
Michael was very responsive, did quality work and communicated very well. He cleaned up the mess of a prior miss-hire who didn't understand what needed to be done. Michael worked quickly and delivered just what we were asking for. You get what you pay for, he's top notch.
Chris P.
He is an excellent developper, always available and clear in communication. I will chosse him for my next IT project again
Rock Nemeth
CTO at FindWork


Some of my notable clients

Need A Website? Get A Quote

Fill out a short form, tell me what you’re looking for and what you had in mind. I will contact you within 48 hours for a quick call.

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